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Ground resiliency
and analysis

Our ground resiliency and analysis capabilities improve the operational efficiency of the nation's ground systems through mission-driven analytics and smart software automation. A legacy of data management and analysis solutions combine to provide new concepts for space situational awareness leading to targeted battle management command and control capabilities. Our modular and commercial based framework solutions support the country's evolving space missions.

Key features:

  • A data-driven approach incorporates feedback and user input for ease of use
  • Flexible and scalable frameworks for real-time integration of applications and data supports rapid prototyping and fielding of capabilities
  • User driven situational awareness and battle management command and control solutions provide the right data to the users at mission speed
  • A legacy of agile development and proven processes increase the pace of development while providing engineering rigor

RAD5545 multi-core
single board computer

The RAD5545 system-on-chip (SoC) microprocessor is the key to the RAD5545 single board computer and offers an optimized combination of Power® architecture processors for portability of heritage software, large memory capacity powered by DDR3/DRAM memory interfaces, and high input/output data rates through serializer / deserializer high-speed links.

The RAD5545 SoC single board computer single-handedly replaces multiple cards of previous generation processors through four RAD5500 32/64-bit Power architecture processor cores, three levels of on-die cache, four RapidIO ports, and a I6-port SpaceWireRouter.

Key SoC features:

  • Reduced size, weight and power based on the QorlQ® architecture enables support of various applications
  • Processor throughput of up to 5.6 giga operations per second / 3.7 GFLOPS and memory bandwidth of up to 102Gb/s and I/O through put of up to 64 Gb/s enables superior efficiency
  • 64-bit core increases performance, supporting direct addressability to 64GB of memory, improving double precision floating point performance, and achieving 3.0 MIPS/MHz
  • Trusted architecture provides secure boot, integrity code testing, data encryption, and partitioning of the system to prevent unauthorized access to memory locations


MISTiC Winds

MISTiC Winds improves short-term weather forecasting with a miniature high-resolution, wide field, thermal spectrometry instrument. Its extraordinarily small size, low mass, and minimal cooling requirements can be accommodated aboard a small microsatellite. System observations improve weather predictions and support key economic decisions in the energy, air transport, and agricultural domains.

Key features:

  • High spatial temporal resolution temperature and humidity soundings for accurate weather prediction
  • Small size, low mass, and minimal cooling requirements can be accommodated aboard a small micro-satellite for a low cost, low risk approach
  • Low fabrication and launch costs enable a low-earth orbit sun asynchronous sounding constellation that provides frequent refresh rates and wind observations
  • 3D wind observations provide significant cost reductions on short-term weather forecasts

Laser communications

As the need for critical data gathering increases, there is a greater demand for securely moving information at high speeds. Heavily regulated RF links are stressed beyond capacity and involve large beams that are more easily jammed and intercepted. From cross-links, to up/down links, to deep space relays, free space laser communications provides multi-gigabit per second data transfer that is significantly more robust against unwanted interference.

Key features:

  • Optical performance empowers secure, high data rate (10Mbps - 100Gbps) communications for various space missions
  • Software-defined modem enables flexibility and configurability
  • Low size and mass are attractive for hosted and dedicated payload missions
  • High reliability components ensure a long mission life
  • System versatility enables the support of multiple applications including geostationary orbit crosslinks, geostationary orbit or low-earth orbit downlinks, and deep space relays

single board computer

The RAD750® single board computer is a work horse for many commercial, civil, and military satellites. As BAE Systems' third-generation processor in an evolving family of products, it is currently flying on more than 70 satellites with many more in the pipeline.

Key features:

  • Demonstrated performance with nearly 1000 years of cumulative flight time
  • Based on re-engineered commercial technology, the licensed radiation-hardened version of the IBM PowerPC 750, it provides up to 500 DMIPS operating at up to 233MHz
  • Proven reliability as the computer of choice for past and present Mars rover missions


We are revolutionizing cyber technology for digital, analog, legacy, and new systems with automated solutions for the toughest cyber challenges. Bringing increased resistance to cyber attacks and intrusions, we offer greater cyber resiliency.

We are advancing these technologies to the space environment by investing in future innovations and reinventing traditional cyber defense technologies.

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  • RAD5545 multi-core processor
  • MISTiC Winds
  • Laser communications technology
  • RAD750® single board processor
  • Cyber

Data sheets Click a datasheet below for technical information

  • Overview
  • Radiation hardened product catalog
  • Processor solutions
  • RAD750® processor
  • RAD750® 3u cPCI single board computer
  • RAD750® 6u-160 cPCI single board computer
  • RAD750® 6U cPCI-ext
  • RAD5510 Single-core system-on-chip power architecture processor
  • RAD5515 Single-core system-on-chip power architecture processor
  • RAD5545 Multi-core system-on-chip power architecture processor
  • RAD5545 Space vPX single board computer
  • Memory products
  • Titan 64Mb SRAM
  • Independence 16Mb SRAM
  • C-RAM 2Mb with error correction
  • Standard products
  • RH1020B FPGA
  • RH1280B FPGA
  • SpaceWire 4-port router ASIC
  • SpaceWire evaluation board
  • RADNET 1616-XP Radiation-hardened serializer/deserializer crosspoint switch ASSP
  • RADNET 1848-PS Radiation-hardened serial; RAPIDO® packet switch ASSP
  • RADNET SpW-EP Radiation-hardened SpaceWire end point ASSP
  • RADNET SpW-RB4 Radiation-hardened SpaceWire four-port router microcontroller-based bridge
  • RADNET SRIO-EP Radiation-hardened RAPIDO® endpoint microcontroller-based ASSP
  • Payloads
  • MISTIC Winds
  • Laser communications
  • Lasercomm

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